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A Fashion Illustration Brand

After 5 years at The Wall Street Journal, 15 years freelancing fashion illustration, and making art for people’s homes, Madison launched MADROME, a groundbreaking fashion brand that combines the artistry of fashion illustrations with the comfort and luxury of loungewear. Our unique approach breathes life into each garment, transforming it into a wearable masterpiece. Inspired by the whimsical world of illustrations, MADROME merges high-quality fabrics and unique deisgns to create a collection that blurs the lines between fashion and art.

 Welcome to a brand that redefines fashion through the power of illustrations.

Luxury Illustrated Loungewear

 Each garment tells a captivating story, reimagining the boundaries of wearable art. Say goodbye to logos and embrace the allure of fashion illustrations

NOTE: Due to limited inventory, we do not accept returns or exchanges. 


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